Search Faster Than Ever Before
SearchLever enables you to search all of your favorite websites from a single page. Instead of surfing to each site, enduring multiple sales offers, tolerating confusing navigation schemes, and waiting for slow pages to load, you'll take a shortcut directly to the selected site's results page.

Do it Your Way
SearchLever is pre-configured with the most popular websites, but you can easily customize it to match your own specific needs. Visit SearchLever's Customizing page to select from dozens of additional sites to include.

Avoid Pop-ups
SearchLever doesn't use pop-up ads, but they may be generated by some of the sites that you search. If you're plagued with pop-ups, try switching to a different browser, such as Firefox, which will block these ads without affecting SearchLever's performance.

Make SearchLever Your Homepage
Make your home page, get your work done faster, and have more time left for life!

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SearchLever is a free online tool from the creators of NutritionData and BetterFitnessProducts.